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80s_trivia's Journal

80s Trivia
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Love the 80s? Love trivia? Think you know everthing about leg warmers, parachute pants, valley girls, jersey hair, and all things 80's?

Post your questions for the masses, challenge your fellow 80's afficienados, and dare them to show that they are Trivia Masters of all things 80's. Who will be the first to correctly answer your questions? Will you be the first to answer their questions? Who's the master?! If you answered "Sho' Nuff!", maybe you have what it takes.

Questions may be about anything from the 80s including entertainment,sports, pop culture, politics and everything in between. Make it multi-media, post pictures and soundbites. The sky is the limit!

Please note that posting access to this community is open to members only. Lurkers can look, but they can't participate. So join, IT'S FREE!