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A Two For One! - 80s Trivia
A Two For One!
Only some limited responses to the two questions from yesterday...  I may need to call the cast of ER in here to shock us back to life!  Spread the word - 80's Trivia is back!  So here is a two for one.  As always, comments are screened until the answer is revealed:


First photo questions!

  Who is this handsome fellow in the movie, and in real life?  (Please list name of the actor and the role as it was credited in the film)

  He is associated with a band, reknowned for one song only that has never been released by any label.  What is the title of the song, and the name of the band?  (Bonus points if you know the lyrics of the song)

  This gentleman has gone on to work with a pretty famous troop of characters, beginning in the late 80's.  By what name are they commenly refered to?

Look at that old school Mac...  Makes me wonder if Steve Jobs knew about product placement or not back in the day...  

  What substance/product we see created by the  molecular matrix displayed on the screen above?

  What is the name of the company that will benefit from this information?

Lastly, to tie these two photos together...

  What is the name of the film these two photos have in common?

  Who directed it?

  What year was it released?

Bonus Question 
  As the film was originally pitched, what rising star was supposed to be a member fo the cast (and thankfully was passed over)?
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