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Because I am really trying to breath some life in here... - 80s Trivia
Because I am really trying to breath some life in here...
I have yet another bit'o trivia to share!  Once again, comments are screened and shall be revealed once the answers are confirmed/shared.  Happy answer hunting!


This is a piece of a movie poster (believe it or not).  Looks like the tattoo of an angry Microsoft Employee if you ask me.  Anyway, here are some questions for you faithful 80's Movie Buffs!

What is the title of the movie represented by this photo?

What year was it released?

What are the names of the primary three characters (the third name revealed toward the end of the movie)?

What is the mistaken name for the primary character used by the third referred to in the question above?

Who was the voice of our mysterious third character mentioned in the above two questions?

Two of our characters have occupations - what are those occupations?

Feel free to creat and share your own trivia questions for the community - I like to play as well (as if you didn't already know that).
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